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Stress Melting Lifestyle

Stress Melting Lifestyle

Stress Melting LifestyleStress Melting LifestyleStress Melting Lifestyle

Because more 

Expert Stress Melters 

are needed.

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Stress Melting Lifestyle


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 Because more Expert Stress Melters are needed...

Dr. Holt has taken 40 years of hands-on healing and boiled it down to what is essential,  effective, and extremely safe. Now, we teach that, "Stress Melting"  online and in classes to the public for free.  It's  more than free, it's priceless! Try it and feel the magic for yourself.  Our mission is to bring the world a brand new way to Melt Stress. 

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Because stress overload creates a measurable sympathetic nerve  system responds known as fight or flight, freeze and fright, and with  more stress overload it leaves readable clues called "frozen zones'". We  teach the secrets of how to find those readable  clues and the magic of how to melt those frozen zones.  

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